As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic evolves, we are taking extra precautions to care for our Jerzi’s family – our Team Members and you. We are actively monitoring COVID-19 by staying close to the official guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and all government guidelines and mandates. This page will serve to answer questions our Guests may have about Jerzi’s 41 during this time and will be updated as more information is available.


What measures have you taken to ensure the safety of your Guests?

The safety of our Guests and Team Members is our highest priority at this time. Following guidance from the CDC and WHO, we immediately implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures for high-trafficked areas, surfaces and equipment, such as tables, table top devices, menus and more. We have also updated our health & cleanliness standards to be more stringent and descriptive about our hand washing standards, social distancing practices in the To-Go areas (both inside and outside) and disinfecting frequency.

Is Jerzi’s following proper social distancing guidelines?

Oh yeah! Our social distancing policy comes to life with our Guests’ health and safety as our main priority. Here’s how we’re making it happen:

  • We’re maintaining the recommended 6-foot social distancing policy at all times.
  • We ask that our Guests remain in their vehicles when picking up their order both with Curbside and Pickup orders. (We’ll bring it out to you regardless of what you select.)
  • We’re encouraging our Guests to pay online to reduce physical touch points.
  • We’re implementing contactless payment options where possible.
  • We’re wearing gloves and bringing orders to our Guests.
  • We’re placing To-Go orders directly in the trunk of our Guests’ vehicles, or on the passenger side of the vehicle to keep a safe distance.


What steps are you taking to make sure Team Members have a safe work environment?

We’re putting Guest and TM safety at the top of our list right now, and it all focuses around these key areas:

  • Maintaining the recommended six feet of social distancing between each other while working inside and outside the restaurant.
  • Wearing face masks and gloves at all times.
  • Washing our hands for a minimum of 20 seconds every 30 minutes and after touch points such as handling payment and between glove changes.
  • Using disinfectant shown to be effective against COVID-19.
  • Using the installed disinfecting stations at every entry point of the restaurant.
  • Increasing the amount of wellness checks we all do with each other.

What happens if a Team Member has symptoms of COVID-19?

We’re upping the amount of wellness checks we do with each other make sure our Team Members are feeling well at all times. In the event that a Team Member shows any signs of symptoms related to COVID-19, we’re immediately excluding that Team Member from work until he or she is symptom free for at least 72 hours. If a Team Member tests positive for COVID-19, that Team Member will be excluded from work for at least 14 days. Team Members who are diagnosed with COVID-19 or are unable to work because of COVID-19 related issues